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Boston Herald

December 26, 2005

Boston Herald
I have always been a rock 'n' roll superstar - in my head," said Marlane Pinkowitz, 42, HRT's lead guitarist. "I only knew three chords, but I've turned it into five. And just look at us - a year ago, Tammy (Robbins, 38, of Holliston) didn't even play the drums and now we have a CD, we've had two sell-out concerts, and now instead of shopping, we're a rock group!"

[Lisa Yves], a finalist for the 2004 Boston Pops Idol contest and a trained jazz musician who has recorded a series of jazz CDs for children, had an appointment at a recording studio late last year and brought her two friends along. Yves started singing "Hang On Sloopy," Pinkowitz knew a couple of chords and Robbins, on a whim, sat down and started pounding on the drum set.

by Jenifer Lord

updated: 10 years ago