HRT began just outside of Boston, MA in late 2004. Three friends get together in a spontaneous moment bringing diverse backgrounds and musical tastes to create what is now a superb all-women jam/rock band. The influences range from classic rock to modern rock played to relevant and honest lyrics that will "strike a chord' with everyone.  HRT has evolved significantly since their first live gig in NYC in February 2005. In October 2005, their 3rd gig, they played to a sold out audience of 700. They have since played at sold out shows at various rock clubs around the Boston area. The unusual sidenote here is that Tammy (drums) and Marlane (guitar) took up their respective instruments in 2004 in pursuit of a newly formed dream. The additions of Marian and Emily Grogan in 2006 bring HRT's dream closer to a reality. They take music and this dream much more seriously than they take life and their music proves just that. The music of HRT is a blend of classic style rock, catchy lyrics, colorful melodies and an energetic rhythm section that gets the crowd moving. The lyrics are powerful, personal and poignant. They are truly unique with their music and fill an important niche for women in rock music today.

updated: 4 years ago